OGGYS BAR take play off in LES TAFT CUP FINAL, BRADELEY beat ABBEY in shoot out cup.....

Published by: Tony Latham on 24/01/2019


           two well matched sides from division one contested the LES TAFT FINAL at the Plaza Fenton, and a super final saw the match end level 9-9 after 18 frames.... this ment each team selected three players for the sudden death play off, and it was the joiners square team that came out on top, winning 2.0 in the play off.

                                 OGGYS BAR  11  OUR BAR  9


SECRETARYS shoot out CUP..... at Green Baize

            ABBEY SNEYD suffered there second final heart break, having lost out to Our Bar in the Tony Latham Founders Final - this time they crashed 5.2 to BRADELEY .... but consulation is they have been crowned the leagues most sporting team. Also its a great win for the Bradeley who have had an indifferent season.

                                   BRADELEY  5  ABBEY SNEYD  2