good turn out for DELEGATES / LANDLORDS merits.

Published by: Tony Latham on 17/01/2019


       There were 15 runners in the Delegates/Landlords merits the draw took place at 8.15 with the event getting underway around 8.30, the format of best of five was used all through and the final finished at 11.45.

RESULTS: round one

C Broomhall (Cuckoo) 2 M O'Sullivan (Bradeley) 3

J Iqbal (Plaza) .... Bye

L Mountford (Bradeley)  1  M Hoddle (Abbey)  3

A Harding (Travs Rest)  1  M Rhead  (Abbey)  3

J Baskeyfield (Travs Rest)  0  L Baskeville (Cuckoo)  3

K Deakin (Manor)  2  S Pritchard  (oggys)  3

D Gibson (Vill Tav)  1  J Wigley  (Cuckoo)  3

B Hill (New Penny)  2  D Fisher (angel)  3


RESULTS:  round two

M O'Sullivan  (Bradeley)  1  J Iqbal  (plaza)  3

M Hoddle  (abbey)  1  M Rhead (abbey)  3

L Baskeville (cuckoo)  1  S Pritchard (oggys)  3

J Wigley  (cuckoo)  3  D Fisher  (angel)  0


RESULTS:  semi finals

J Iqbal  (plaza)  3   M Rhead (abbey)  2

S Pritchard  (oggys)  3  J Wigley (cuckoo)  2


RESULT:  final

J Iqbal  (plaza)  3   S Pritchard  (oggys)  0