Results 17/10/17

All results were in by 11:45p.m. , well done guys.


Red Baize  11  7  Plaza Pool

Bucknall Ex  14  4  Madeley WMC

Baize Tavern  13  5  Hollybush

Div One

Ye Olde Manor  12  6  Vine

Oggys Bar  12  6  Millrace

Bradeley  11  7  Players

Green Baize had the bye ( 14  4 )

Special Care Baby Unit Knockout 16/10/17

An event is being held at Plaza Pool on MONDAY 16th October. Players from the Tuesday League are invited.

Commencing at 8:00p.m. a one frame knockout to benefit the Special Care Baby Unit will take place.

Entry is £5.00 per player ( £2.00 to the charity & £3.00 to the prize pot ) with cash prizes and trophies in the main competition, and a plate competition also with cash & trophies.

So if you fancy a warm-up for your league matches next week and would like to do your bit for the Special Care Baby Unit get along to the Plaza on MONDAY.

Champs League – Plaza

After an horrendous start to the evening ( with teams supposedly on the way not turning up, one team pulling out after a complaint and one team going home even though the complained about team withdrew ) and the group stage going from four per group to three per group then back to four per group ( and you think it’s confusing to read – try sorting it out ) the matches started at 8:40.

By 9:00, after I had threatened to give the teams their money back and go home, a pool night broke out ( I think it was an accident ) with some exceptional games taking place.

At the end of the group stage a three way tie occurred in group one that saw the team from Madeley WMC exit on a black playoff, a hard way to leave after travelling the furthest and playing well.

In the knockout stage three Plaza teams and a team from the Manor fought it out, with Plaza One ( Cooper / Warburton & Iqbal ) reaching the final against the Manor ( Caine / Johnson & Rushton ).

The final frames saw Plaza take frame one, Manor frame two, and after a cagey third frame Javed ( Maz ) Iqbal took the last frame for the Plaza.

Matches finished by 12:15.

Results 3/10/17


Baize Tavern  10  8  Millrace

Bucknall Ex  13  5  Oggys Bar

Red Baize  15  3  Players

Div One

Plaza Pool  10  8  Vine

Ye Olde Manor  13  5  Madeley WMC

Green Baize  10  8  Hollybush

Bradeley  14  4  Bye


Results 26/9/17

Note: League Table frame difference has been adjusted as agreed at the League Meeting to show 14 – 4 wins for the four teams that had played The Alma since the league split.


Bucknall Ex  13  5  Millrace

Baize Tavern  15  3  Green Baize

Red Baize Rev  14  4  Bye ( Alma )

Div One

Plaza Pool  12  6  Madeley WMC

Oggys Bar  11  7  Ye Olde Manor

Players  10  8  Vine

Bradeley  11  7  Hollybush